Defense Verdict - no negligence found by Rehabilitation Center in resident death

A unanimous jury verdict was returned in Wichita County, Texas for lead counsel Michael Stewart and Jennifer Owens. The case involved claims of bedsores, infection and death.

Defense Verdict - physician cleared of negligence claims

A unanimous defense verdict was returned by the jury for the doctor in Abilene, TX. Lead counsel Jennifer M. Owens represented the Defendant in a case involving allegations of a ruptured lumbar disc.

Defense Verdict: Anesthesia Providers Cleared of Alleged Wrongdoing

A unanimous defense verdict was returned by the jury for both the MD and CRNA in Longview. Lead counsel Michael Stewart and associate Bob Dry represented the Defendants in a case involving the death of a post operative patient.

Defense Verdict in Jefferson County Arkansas for Nursing Home

A unanimous jury verdict was returned in Jefferson County Arkansas for lead counsel Michael Stewart, finding no negligence on behalf Defendant, Arkansas Convalescent Center. There were claims of stage IV bed sores and wrongful death.

Senior Attorney Arlene Wiese Joins SWO

Arlene Wiese brings more than twenty years of experience to the SWO team. Wiese’ practice encompasses several fields, and she is licensed in both Texas and California.

Defense Verdict - no neligence on nursing home or DON

Pennsylvania Rehabilitation and Nurse Zona Smith were cleared by a Dallas County Jury after a 3-week trial in Judge Leonard Hoffman's court. The Plaintiff had made allegations that poor care led to decubitus ulcers, pneumonia and death. Trial defense was led by Michael Stewart with Bob Dry and Jennifer Moore.

Associate Robert Dry III Joins SWO

Senior Associate Robert Dry III joins the SWO team. Dry had previously been working in a heathcare defense boutique firm in Dallas.

SWO Opens its Doors

Stewart Wiegand & Owens PC opened its doors for the first time. Robert Wiegand, Michael Stewart, and Jennifer Owens practiced together at another firm for almost two decades, and determined they could increase and improve service to their clients by forming their own law firm. They will continue to represent businesses and individuals in business disputes and healthcare related matters.